Kein guter Tag für Mondsüchtige… Zum Trost gibt’s leckeres Essen

13 09 2013

Matty_Wainwright_hrSense on the Edge perches atop the magnificent Hajar Mountains at 293 metres; an Omani moonscape guarding Oman’s Leading Resort Six Senses Zighy Bay.  The resort’s signature, mountain-top restaurant comes alive the evening of Friday, 27th September, 2013 with the private culinary opera Farthest From Earth.  A tantalizing combination of gastronomy and composition, guests will be wooed with palate sensations from Chef de Cuisine James Knight Pacheco, elite beverage pairings from Sommelier and Mâitre d’ Halil Asar, and fresh ambience from DJs Matty Wainwright and Brendon P of The DJ Dispensary.

Farthest From Earth celebrates the finale of the resort’s inaugural DJ retreat on the evening of the monthly moon apogee, when the moon is at its greatest orbital distance from Earth.  This distance lessens the moon’s gravitational impact on our planet and sets the freed tone for the evening’s stellar activities.  Guests begin the journey with a natal-themed welcome drink before continuing throughout the evening’s three-act cocktail dinner.  Bite-sized signature dishes from Chef James prevail in tandem with beverage flair at the free-flow wine and Champagne sensory journey while sunset beats from The DJ Dispensary enhance the mood.  Live stations include a mouth-watering cut of award-winning marbled Blackmore Wagyu and local, green-lit faskar tranche.  Dessert and pre-dessert entice guests to enjoy the evening breeze with artisan cheeses and a chocolate barbecue overlooking Zighy Bay.

Specialist mixologists and wine-experts present new-to-the resort offerings, such as: Indian Sauvignon Blanc from Sula Wineries; Jacquesson Cuvée Champagne, the only 1er Cru and Grand Cru vineyard of the region; a sake cocktail served in frozen cucumbers for a completely edible experience.  The chill out digestif station serves port and sherry pairing, as well as latte art from the resort’s newly Raw Coffee certified baristas with petit fours.

Rhythm pulses throughout the evening, with the musical mix streaming live.  The mix will also be available online following the event.

Pricing for this limited access culinary opera includes 3 amuse-bouche, 4 starters, 3 main courses, and 3 desserts for each person.  Inclusive of free-flow beverages, pricing per person is 85 Omani Rial.




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