Swedish Chef Magnus Nilsson to Cook at Six Senses Yoi Noi for One Night in October

7 08 2014

dining_room_ssyn_hr (2)Six Senses Yao Noi is thrilled to announce renowned Swedish Chef Magnus Nilsson from the world famous restaurant Faviken Magasinet will delight Six Senses guests with a once-in-lifetime dining experience on October 31 at the Dining Room.

The accolades bestowed upon Chef Magnus are numerous, but perhaps the one best summarizing the culinary impact he has made comes from a quote of Rene Redzepi, chef/owner of Noma, the world’s top rated restaurant in Copenhagen by Restaurant Magazine. Rene Redzepi said, “If I had the chance to eat in one restaurant in the world right now, I would go to Faviken.”


Chef Magnus’ restaurant, situated on an 32 square miles (8,400 hectare) estate, 435 miles (700 kilometers) north of Stockholm, seats less than 20 guests and focuses on using the produce from the estate and local region. As the area is snowbound for the entire winter, Chef Magnus and his team have developed preserving techniques to provide sufficient food for guests during this period. Guests have the opportunity to taste foods they’ll never taste anywhere else in the world as a result of these preserving and pickling techniques. At only 29 years of age, Magnus has firmly established himself in a culinary world, reflected by being awarded the San Pellegrino’s No. 13 best restaurant in the world 2014. Latitudinally at the edge of the Arctic Circle and parallel with the south of Greenland, the challenge of having suppliers deliver was resolved by Chef Magnus taking the decision to only serve what is available from the farm and local area. Undoubtedly of all the chefs in the world, Magnus has captured “soul of food” at its most vivid and explicit form at its natural source in the world. In summary, Faviken presents unlike any other dining experience, sustainable, wholesome, additive-free food with consummate respect for the local environment.

The sustainable and organic approach of the resort combined with Chef Magnus’ expertise will be showcased in a special dinner, where his interpretation of local produce found in the resort’s organic gardens and the surrounding area will make for a truly unique and memorable experience.

General Manager of Six Senses Yao Noi Manish Puri said, “It is undoubtedly a privilege for Six Senses Yao Noi to host Chef Magnus with his rare culinary gifts and sincere passion, which quintessentially exemplifies Six Senses core philosophies of sustainability and respect for the environment.”

The one and only event will take place as follows:

Friday, October 31 – Guests will enjoy a special multiple-course degustation dinner in the Dining Room created by the Six Senses kitchen team under the direction of Chef Magnus. The dinner is limited to 26 people.
Multiple-course degustation menu – THB 3,000 net per person
Multiple-course degustation menu including paired wine – THB 5,000 net per person.



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