Six Senses Zighy Bay Oman Appoints Patricia Yeo as Executive Sous Chef

12 07 2017

KöchinSix Senses Zighy Bay is pleased to welcome Executive Sous Chef Patricia Yeo, who brings to the resort a wealth of knowledge and experience in gourmet food offerings.

Following almost two decades of studying and working in the culinary sector in the United States, Patricia opened her own restaurant, earning three stars from the New York Times. In 2010 she accepted the role of culinary director for restaurants in Miami and Las Vegas plus the role of culinary operations director for the Samuelsson Group in New York. She was a key member in menu development and consultation for Monkey Bar in New York plus restaurants in Boston and Bal Harbour, Florida.

Known for blending exotic Asian, Mediterranean and South Western ingredients, Patricia has been featured in countless magazines, named a rising culinary star and made appearances on numerous TV shows in the United States including the very popular Master Chef series. Patricia has also authored two cookbooks and a range of magazine articles.

Executive Sous Chef Patricia said, “Six Senses Zighy Bay is a truly exciting property for me personally. It is my first experience living in the Middle East and my first foray into the world of resorts and hotels. I am so fortunate to be working with great talent and am looking forward to learning and absorbing their wealth of information while at the same time sharing many of my experiences. It is a great synergy.“

Patricia has much to look forward to in the coming months, from developing new menu offerings at the resort’s fine dining restaurant Sense on the Edge, to the launch of a new concept by the Salt Water Pool. She relishes having the room to explore new combinations of flavors, ingredients and cooking styles while incorporating it into her already broad experience. She sees as invigorating the fun of being able to juxtapose the rustic and remote environment with an urbane and cosmopolitan avant-guard style of cuisine.

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