Dr. Claudia Aguirre Joins Six Senses Wellness Board: Holistic Anti-Aging Center Launches in May

16 03 2018

Dr_Claudia_Aguirre_hiresGet ready to look and feel 10 years younger thanks to a personalized care plan that addresses the factors that adversely impact skin health. Dr. Claudia Aguirre has joined the Six Senses Wellness Board to support the launch of the brand’s Holistic Anti-Aging Center.

Neuroscientist, mind-body expert, TEDx speaker and regular TED Ed educator, Dr. Aguirre specializes in the connection between the brain and the skin, consulting internationally in the health and wellness industries. Her Doctoral work from the University of Southern California was based on hormonal interactions in the aging brain and she continued her post-doctoral studies at Loyola Marymount University, where she completed a certificate course on Yoga, Mindfulness and Social Change.  She is an invited lecturer at Stanford University and continues to publish scientific articles.

“While it’s true that our genes contribute to how our skin ages, ‘lifestyle aging’ is overlooked and easily addressed with proper education,” explains Dr. Aguirre. “The Brain-Skin-Gut connection considers how psycho-social pressures, coupled with an improper diet, negatively impact gut microbiota, and ultimately result in inflamed and unbalanced skin that ages prematurely. What we are doing with Six Senses is a real opportunity to help people look and feel younger from the inside out.”

Dr. Aguirre joins forces with the Six Senses Wellness Board to introduce the Holistic Anti-Aging Center in May at Six Senses Kaplankaya in Turkey and later across selected Six Senses spas.

Each program starts with an advanced skin analysis, wellness screening, sleep analysis and a consultation to analyze and discuss these lifestyle factors. The results allow Six Senses wellness experts to incorporate a personalized skin treatment plan using advanced ingredients and equipment, nutrition, supplements, treatments, movement and mindfulness.

A recommendation on supplements, as well as a homecare program is an integral part of the Center to banish premature aging as well as common skin problems such as acne and dry or oily skin. An important component that complements the inside-out beauty approach, is the notion of brain beauty. That’s why the Center also looks at the brain-skin connection through our perception of beauty and how we can become more confident in it. Dr. Aguirre’s experience in scientific based approaches has been invaluable.

“We are excited to work with Dr. Aguirre on this latest initiative,” says Anna Bjurstam, vice president spas and wellness. “We will delve deep into various lifestyle factors – what we eat and drink, our stress levels and hormonal balance, and other parameters such as insulin resistance, gut and intestine imbalances, the quality of sleep and the toxicity of our body. It’s an exciting approach to wellness that we expect will really benefit guests based on initial research and program feedback.”




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