Six Senses Laamu Appoints Graeme Freeman as Resident Manager

23 05 2018

SSLMU_Graeme_Freeman_hiresSix Senses Laamu is pleased to announce the appointment of Graeme Freeman as resident manager. Graeme will be in charge of the resort’s overall operations, ensuring that guests continue to receive exceptional and out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

Bringing more than 14 years of executive experience to the role, Graeme gained his proficiency in the high-end hospitality and real estate sectors across Asia. He joins Six Senses Laamu following his previous position as general manager at the award-winning Aleenta Hua Hin Resort & Spa in Pranburi, Thailand, prior to an extensive career with the Karma Group based in Bali, Indonesia.

Beginning his hospitality career as marketing manager with Karma Group, Graeme’s focus was on promoting the portfolio of properties in Indonesia and Thailand. A move into operations followed and after successful tenures as operations manager and resort manager, Graeme was appointed general manager at Karma Jimbaran, Jimbaran Bay, Bali in 2013. His travels have taken him to five continents and his education included exposure to business and law in addition to holding a diploma from Cornell University.

Graeme said, “I am very excited to take this new challenge with Six Senses. I believe that the ethos, the growth and the focus of the brand on sustainability and wellness are a perfect fit for me. I am very happy to have joined the family and I look forward to the future with tremendous enthusiasm and confidence.”

Originally from Scotland, Graeme is an avid football fan and keen soccer player. In his free time he enjoys traveling and exploring new lands and cultures while in this new appointment he is also looking forward to taking on diving to explore Six Senses Laamu’s rich underwater marine life.

Marteyne van Well, general manager of Six Senses Laamu said, “It is a pleasure to welcome Graeme to
Six Senses Laamu and we look forward to his leadership in this key role. The great background and professional experience of Graeme will add a further dimension to our resort and continue to enhance our guests’ experiences.”




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