Six Senses Laamu Launches Aqua Season 2018 with a Host of Visiting Experts

20 06 2018

SSLMU_Surfing_Yin_Yang_hiresAqua Season 2018 at Six Senses Laamu will be extra special this year with the visits of outstanding personalities and experts. From May onwards to October 31 is Aqua Season as the resort celebrates by increasing the number of water-related experiences offered. A few of the highlights include surf season, turtle nesting and hatching and other remarkable marine events.

This year the special waves started coming in as early as April. Instructors at Tropic Surf that manages surfing at Six Senses Laamu reveal that the waves will be off the hook from May until September. Already the famous Yin Yang and other four-wave breaks around the resort are getting serious attention from professional surfers including the World Surf League champions and other big wave pros who are scheduled to visit. The adventure will be extra colorful with events to celebrate the International Surfing Day. The celebrations will be attended by guests, hosts and members of local Hithadhoo Island surf club.

To cater to the increasing number of athletes planning to visit the resort during the Aqua Season, Six Senses Laamu Spa will offer special sports therapies by renowned experts of the field. Visiting practitioner Richie Inskip, with more than 15 years of experience in various clinical sports massage and remedial soft tissue therapy, will be at the spa from June 1 to July 31. Richie is among the seven master instructors in Europe who offer Stickmobility classes, a revolutionary new training system that benefits everyone through a progressive approach to fitness, mobility and muscle activation regardless of age or level of performance. In addition to massage therapies he will offer various yoga classes to the guests.

This August, visiting practitioner Napath Theechanthuek from Thailand will return to Six Senses Laamu. Khun Napath offers a mix of therapeutic and relaxing massage specializing in pain relief. The next visiting practitioner in Aqua Season will be Ryko Kalinko, famous for utilizing natural healing methods including ayurvedic, Taoist, Kahuna, Maori, Australian Indigenous, Hermetic and Kabbalistic traditions. The master healer will be consulting at Six Senses Spa Laamu from October 1 to November 30.

Aqua Season will welcome the guest’s favorite celebrity Master Chef from Denmark, Jesper Koch, who returns to Six Senses Laamu to offer extraordinary culinary experiences for the guests. From October 14 to 19 Jesper will prepare three exclusive dinners and one beach barbecue that follows the healthy, balanced and authentic philosophy of Eat With Six Senses.

Another star returning in October to the Laamu sky will be the visiting resident astronomer Dr. Parag Mahajni. With his presentations and sky observation sessions, Dr. Parag is once again set to make guests star struck.

In addition to the outstanding humans visiting the Six Senses Laamu beaches, several endangered Green and Hawksbill turtles are also going to use the south west corner of the island as their nesting ground. These turtles are returning to nest in the same spot they were born at years ago. According to the Resident Turtle Marine Biologist from Olive Ridley Project, the island has already experienced six turtle nesting this season and it will continue until the end of July. Each of these nests will contain 50 to 125 eggs and hatchings will start from June through September. Guests can sign up to witness this magical event where small hatchlings make their way to the sea then return to the very same beach to lay their eggs once they reach sexual maturity. The team of marine biologists at the resort has identified more than 350 turtles around the island, the second largest turtle population ever recorded anywhere in the Maldives.

Another extraordinary marine event to occur during Aqua Season is the manta ray courtship behavior which is usually observed during May to July and October to November every year. Divers who join with the Manta Trust researchers based at Six Senses Laamu are in for a treat, witnessing one of the rare marine events of the world. Just in time for the courtship season the famous Manta Ray Doctor, Dr. Mark Deakos will visit Laamu in October and will be joined by guest veterinarian Dr. Ray Rochester. Dr. Mark will conduct information sessions for any manta ray enthusiast in the island.

In addition to these highly anticipated visits, during Aqua Season 2018 Six Senses Laamu is gearing up to colorfully celebrate a number of international days including, International Day of Yoga, World Tourism Day and World Food Day.

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