Sucimurni Retreat Returns for its Second Year at Tanjong Jara Resort

9 10 2018

This retreat is suitable for those are new to yoga and for well-established practitioners alikeThe Sucimurni Retreat will be back for its second year at award-winning luxury resort, Tanjong Jara Resort. Taking place between the 26th to 28th October, the Sucimurni Retreat will be led by Malaysia’s most recognised yoga teacher and founder of Upward Yoga, Ninie Ahmad.

This exclusive wellness experience is inspired by the concept of Sucimurni, which promotes wholesome living through emphasising the purity of spirit, health and well-being. This retreat hopes to allow guests a new concept of relaxation through a weekend of yoga and peace within the inner self.

With over 16 years of yoga experience, Ninie received her training in Toronto, Canada at the renowned Ashtanga Yoga Centre. Back in 2011, Ninie, a self-described “cheerleader yoga teacher”, opened her yoga studio, Upward Yoga, in hopes of helping students stretch past their limits to reach their potential. She hopes that with this retreat, guests will be able to take away valuable lessons which will become the building blocks towards a healthier life.

Encompassing a weekend of yoga, this retreat will include a variety of classes led by Ninie, including a Breathing 101 session, sunrise and sunset yoga and a Breathe, Stretch and Heal session. Guests who are up for a challenge can participate in two exclusive workshops: Arm Balance 101 and Upside Down 101, perfect for beginners who would like to further their yoga journey.

Additionally, guests will also partake in the resort’s signature Sucimurni Exercise led by the resort’s very own Resident Naturalist, Captain Mokh. The Sucimurni Exercise held by the beach at sunrise will see guests going through a series of stretches inspired by the main animal chakras, giving them a change to explore their main energy centres and find inner peace.

Guests of the retreat will get to enjoy a range of exclusive skincare products sponsored by Huxley, a Korean beauty brand that is offering some of the most luxurious, effective, no-nonsense skincare formulas on the market. Exclusive yoga mats sponsored by Karya Mats will also be theirs to take home after the retreat to continue their yoga journey even after leaving the resort.

The Sucimurni Retreat is priced at MYR 860++ per room per night inclusive of daily meals (including a beach BBQ dinner), four scheduled breathing and movement practices, and two optional inversion and arm balancing workshops. For bookings and enquiries, kindly visit




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