27 11 2018

_ZES7H~CYTL Hotels’ Spa Village brand celebrates as Spa Village Gaya Island, was bestowed with the accolade ‘Destination Hotel/Resort of The Year’ at the 2018 AsiaSpa Awards.

“We are very humbled to receive this award,” said Chik Lai Ping, YTL Hotels Vice-President of Spa Division. “It is truly an honour to be recognised for the authentic healing experiences offered at Spa Village Gaya Island and the Spa Village team will continue to strive for excellence,” she said.

Set amidst lush mangroves, Spa Village Gaya Island is a tranquil hideaway surrounded by distinctive island flora and fauna. From the warm waters of Gaya and its rich lowland forest to the high altitude blossoms of Mount Kinabalu, the treatments offered at Spa Village Gaya Island utilises only the freshest local ingredients. A rich tapestry of wellness programmes reflects the cultural healing traditions of Sabah’s many indigenous people. From the specialised rice scrubs and masks of the Kadazandusun to the age-old practices of the Bajau sea nomads, Spa Village Gaya Island is uniquely rooted in ancient tradition while seeking to restore balance to the body and soul.

This is exemplified in one of its signature treatments, the Tadau Kaamatan which centres around the celebration of rice. Every year the indigenous people of Sabah offer their thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest to the revered rice spirit Bambaazon during the Tadau Kaamatan or Harvest Festival. Among the ceremonies observed during the festival is Unduk Ngadau, a beauty pageant to crown the Harvest Queen and celebrates the Huminodun legend. Papakang – The Odyssey of Seven Brothers, tells the story of the village chief’s youngest son in Nunuk Ragang or Red Banyan Tree, believed to be the seat of Kadazandusun civilisation. The legend chronicles his epic journey across the land to reunite his brothers and the mystical Papakang stone. The couples experience pays tribute to these legends and the honoured element of rice, using only the finest local ingredients. The his and her treatment includes a body scrub, hair mask, and Urutan Pribumi, an indigenous massage utilising rice pouches that traditionally helps to restore mobility and flexibility for paddy planters, farmers, seafarers and warriors, before concluding with a facial.

The spa award was presented at the W Hong Kong and attended by more than 400 professionals, key industry players, nominees and distinguished guests. Winners in the 26 categories were recognised for their outstanding efforts in driving the exceptional standards of spas in the Asia Pacific region.




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