Can Bordoy’s Enticing Challenge In Celebration Of Its First Nit De L’Art

19 09 2019

645A3371-s.jpgThis Saturday 21st September sees Can Bordoy, the iconic, 5-star, Grand Luxury establishment made up of 24 suites, host a performance by Valencian artist Empar Boix, where she will bring a blank 2×2 metre canvas to life in just 2 Hours.

Botànic Restaurant in Can Bordoy will offer two types of innovative cuisine: a selection of artistic tapas which can be savoured, cocktail-style, in Can Bordoy’s entrance, or as a tasting menu which can be enjoyed, with prior reservation, on the establishment’s beautiful terrace.

Since opening in December 2018, Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden has earned the honour of being considered as the hotel that has revolutionised Palma de Mallorca’s historic Old Quarter, thanks to its spectacular installations and service, and its superb offer of unique experiences. Within this framework, the iconic, 5-star, Grand Luxury establishment that is made up of 24 suites, measuring between 30 and 80 square meters, has come up with an enticing challenge for its first Nit de l’Art. Empar Boix, a well-known artist from Valencia, has been invited to give an art performance. She will paint a blank 2×2 metre canvas situated in the entrance courtyard, before the attentive gaze of the guests, in just 2 hours, from 8.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.

This painting, like much of her previous work, will have a feminine theme, in the existence of parallel realities and the tyranny of the body. In addition to this one-off performance, Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden will also be temporarily adorned with artworks by other artists, including Empar Boix, such as a large wooden sculpture that will be placed within the building’s central staircase, all of them kindly lent to Can Bordoy by AHOY gallery .

Nit de l’Art gastronomic

Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden understands that art is a global activity, and this also pertains to the wonderful gastronomic creations that chef Andrés Benítez makes in Botànic restaurant. For this reason, great cuisine will also be present at Nit de l’Art in Can Bordoy. It can be savoured in two distinct formats: cocktail-style with a selection of colourful and tasty tapas which can be purchased and enjoyed in the courtyard entrance; or as a seated tasting menu featuring artistic dishes, which will be served, prior reservation, on the establishment’s terrace. In both cases Andrés Benítez has taken Inspiration from Empar Boix’s artworks, both in her colourful, feminine universe, and in the idea that sometimes things are not what they seem and that they maintain parallel realities. He has used these ideas to create delightful cuisine that will even please the most demanding of palates: a pickled tomato snack, smoked aubergine steak tartare, orzo risotto with squid in its ink, roasted sweet potato with beef, peach and carob chutney and lavender ice cream with rosemary and Mallorcan almonds.


In Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden Saturday

21st September Cocktail-style artistic tapas

From 8.00 p.m to 10 p.m

In the hotel’s courtyard entrance

A tapa and a drink (water, soft drinks, beer or gin), from 5 euros


Seated tasting menu

From 8.00 p.m to 10 p.m On the hotel’s terrace

From 45 euros per person (without drinks)


Performance by Empar Boix

From 8.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m

In the hotel’s courtyard entrance

Challenge:  Paint a blank 2×2 metre canvas in 2 hours

For more information and reservations:




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