26 11 2019

645A2265With the festive season near it is impossible not to remember the endearing advertisements of yesteryear imploring us to “Come home for Christmas”. An irresistible call for all those who live away from home, or for those awaiting the arrival of their loved ones. It is an emotional time that is full of Christmas spirit, with memories of favourite dishes prepared by grandma, majestic Christmas hymns and dazzling decorations, taking us back to a unique, familiar, and almost cinematic place.

This is the atmosphere that Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden (Palma de Mallorca) has drawn inspiration from for its Christmas programme. This iconic establishment, situated in the heart of Palma’s historic centre, has revolutionised both the national and international hotel industry, less than one year since it opened. It has achieved this distinction through its singular accommodation concept, where it is seen as being more like a house than a hotel. A homely and dreamlike, almost déjà vu experience is, according to guests, the maximum attribute of both this beautiful abode and its restaurant, Botànic.

Thus, for Christmas Eve dinner and lunch on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day, Botànic restaurant at Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden has prepared two exquisite 5 and 8-course menus, which sees creativity and luxury products fused with traditional, tasty and healthy cuisine. This perfect union, designed by chef Andrés Benítez, will feature dishes such as: “Gillardeau oyster scalded in seawater with Baerii caviar”; “Venison loin with civet sauce, beetroot and cocoa sauce”; “Mushroom Parmentier with scallop slivers and mushroom confit with thyme” and “Creamy milk chocolate with toffee nougat and hazelnut shortbread”.

Those who choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve in this authentic Mallorcan house will enjoy a gastronomic feast to end the year in style. Proceedings start at 7:00 p.m. with a smorgasbord of appetisers displayed in different food stations and served individually. The night will continue with a sophisticated 4-course dinner that will culminate, after grapes and the first drinks of the New Year, with a sweet late-night snack that will put the icing on an unforgettable night. Some of the night’s stand out dishes include: “Homemade ricotta artisan with black winter truffle”; “Lobster salad with almond jelly and crunchy red cabbage with clove”; “ Wild turbot with seafood sauce and baby vegetables with dill” and “Wagyu sirloin with mushrooms and truffle sauce”. Come and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year at Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden.


Christmas Eve dinner: 90 euros per person (drinks not included)

Christmas Day lunch and Boxing Day lunch: 65 euros per person (drinks not included)

New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner: 345 euros per person (includes champagne, wine, water and drinks)

For more information and reservations:



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